What happens when I place an order with Erysim Ceramics?


Both for the ceramic works that we have on the web and for private orders, you must fill in the fields in the contact form describing the piece that you want to order, including if possible all the details that you want us to include in the order. We will immediately contact you to inform you that we have received the order and we will make a budget for it. Once the budget is accepted, the client must pay 30% * of the total as a guarantee, once the payment is received, the order will be carried out.


* on orders over 100€


Placing an order on the web is very easy, you simply browse the store and add what you like to the cart. Once the items have been added to the cart, the shipping costs are automatically calculated depending on your location and the weight of what you are going to buy. When you have included everything in the cart, you finish the purchase.

Package Delivered

Generally the estimated time is 3-7 days in the Iberian Peninsula, but if the order is urgent, put it in specifications and we will adjust the rate to faster delivery. All shipments have a tracking number that we will send to your email when we have sent the order, so you know where your order is at all times.

Because of the coronavirus , we are taking more precautions. Orders are quarantined 24 hours before being shipped and jewelry is disinfected with alcohol before being packaged. For greater security, we work with gloves and a mask when preparing the order.

To respect the environment, we include the least amount of plastic possible in our shipments and use recycled materials.

Return policy

Custom orders can not be returned, but in case of cancellation of an custom order , if it has not been physically made and specific materials have not been purchased, only the part of the sketch and detailed planning in the budget will be charged. The rest of the amount that the client paid in advance will be returned.

In the case of other products , the return will only be accepted in the event that the product had arrived defective, in which case we must be notified with photos of the packaging before opening and of the damaged product. So that we can inform the relevant transport entity.

Online Shopping

Through the website we accept only PayPal and credit card.